Individual Package 3BB Monthly Fee Additional Service Charge 3BB Spider Hotspot
Montly Fee (Baht) excluding VAT.

Indy Package

Actual Package Price 99 Baht per month
for unlimited usage
Premier Package
Exclusive promotion for 3BB users
Sign up now or before 30 June 2010 Free 1-month trial
** Registration for additional service is exclusively for 3BB users. The system will automatically scan the users network before any additional service registration.

Wi-Fi is an additional service which is comprised with the 3BB service
3BB Spider Hotspot is the fastest Wireless Service in Thailand (with the maximum speed at 4 Mb) depending on the number of current users

Promotion Details
- Additional service charge for Wi-Fi is at 99 Baht per month (excluding VAT) in addition to 3BB monthly fee
- Wi-Fi service is considered an additional service. In the case of 3 BB cancellations, the company takes it as a cancellation for Wi-Fi service as well.
- The company reserves the rights only in some areas that the service is available.
- Over 5,000 service areas available nationwide or areas with 3BB Spider Hotspot sign